If You Can

If you can talk,

You can sing.

If you can walk,

You can dance.

If you can dream,

You can Fly!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fast Talking Woman

I am a fast talking woman,
Cut to the chase,
Look-out here I come.
A fighter for the down trodden,
A healer to the wounded and broken,
 Counselor to the forgotton.
It's OK do you need a place to stay.
Woman with yellow hair.
Hey Mom, Hey Hon.
I am a fast talking woman,
No time to waste,
I am perfect, I am flawed, I am young, I am old.
A Spirit from long past, a Crone. A traveler, who loves a cheerful hearth Com'on lets go time is on loan.
I am a fast talking woman, with a heart that flies and tears in her eyes.

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