If You Can

If you can talk,

You can sing.

If you can walk,

You can dance.

If you can dream,

You can Fly!

Curiouser and Curiouser

 Traverse the Quagmire of Writing Your Memior;

In every writing workshop you will ever attend, you will be advised to follow one basic rule, "Show don't Tell". In writing your Memior the same is true. As you sift thro' the memories of your life, you will find that maybe others have a different view of that same memory. Now what! Research! but it is my life, shouldn't I know what happened, yes, but others have also been part of your life, (unless you were raised by wolves in a cave, and becareful even they might have seen things differently).  Speak openly to friends and family get their ideas. What if , that is a decision you have to make, not everyone in our lives was nice, not every thing that happend was good. Some of us have lived thro' some pretty hellish stuff and with people who were cruel and brutal.  I read somewhere that "Writing is aggresive, be mean". How mean I am not sure. I only know it's your life and really no one can write it like you. When you are ready, show us the life that is yours and help us understand.

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